Available Options

  • SKU: 00SA1?|?Single axle truck with driver
  • SKU: 00SA2?|?Single axle truck with driver and helper
  • SKU: 00TA1?|?Tandem truck with driver
  • SKU: 00Ta2?|?Tandem truck with driver and helper
  • SKU: 00TM1?|?Tandem truck with Moffat Mounty and driver
  • SKU: 00TM2?|?Tandem truck with Moffat Mounty, driver and helper
  • SKU: 00TH1?|?Tandem truck with Hi Ab and driver
  • SKU: 00TH2?|?Tandem truck with Hi Ab, driver and helper
  • SKU: 00TD1?|?Tandem truck with Drywall Crane and driver
  • SKU: 00TD2?|Tandem truck with Drywall Crane, driver and helper

*Subject to availability and approval of Blair Building Materials*



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